Summer is just around the corner, so it’s time to make sure your garden is ready



By now your lawns will be growing very quickly so you will need to start mowing regularly. Not only will this save you time in the long run but it will also help improve grass health. Make sure to adjust the cut height with each mow, but also be careful not to cut it too short as this will scalp the grass and cause it to go brown when the weather heats up. The Cobra mower range is ideal for this as all of our mowers feature a uniquely flexible height-of-cut adjustment that will let you increase the cut height in 10mm intervals from 25mm to 75mm. You can further help prevent unsightly brown patches by regularly watering your lawn when the hotter weather arrives.

It’s not too late to use spring fertilisers to provide essentials nutrients to help maintain a good, healthy lawn. As always, be careful that you aren’t too heavy handed; chemical fertilisers can cause problems further down the line. Remember to always read the label carefully before using!

In the last Cobra blog we focused on tips for scarifying and aerating. Once you have completed this your lawn is in prime condition for top seeding, if required. Top seeding is the process of applying a layer of sand/soil/peat mix to your lawn, which has many benefits. Firstly it evens the surface by filling gaps and hollow. It also improves drainage and increases drought resistance which promotes new grass growth and prevents thatch building up. Timing is important when top seeding; make sure you do it on a dry day after the grass has been mown. Spread the mix evenly and then rake it into the lawn. You will need approximately 3-4lb of mix per square yard of grass.

Your lawn is not the only feature of your garden that needs attention at this time of year. Overgrown branches could also need a tidy up. Cobra has the right tool to help you do this. The P20E electric Cobra pole pruner extends your cutting reach by up to 2.7m to help cut overgrown and out of reach branches. The pole pruner can be used to not only cut back overhanging branches but you can also use it to thin new growth of mature trees. This is also a good time to prune evergreens; do this when the new growth starts to turn a darker green. It can also be used to tidy climbing plants.

Here are a few tips when using the pole pruner:

  • Be careful of power lines
  • Hold the pruner at an angle to your body
  • Weaken thicker branches with multiple cuts
  • Wear protective clothing and goggles

Most importantly, enjoy your lawn and garden!