Top jobs in August for a healthy garden


August is the prime time to get outdoors and enjoy your glorious garden – to reap the fruits of your hard gardening labour throughout the year.  But remember, there is still lots more you can do to ensure your garden remains healthy in August.


Water and feed your plants regularly, especially those in hanging baskets, pots or patio containers.  Remember that plants in patio containers are completely dependent on you for their water as they’ll get little benefit from any rain. Give them a good soak at least once a day, particularly in sunny weather. 

Now is the best time to set up your automatic watering system if you have one. It will do wonders for your vegetable plot, borders and containers and will also free up your time to focus on other gardening tasks.


It is essential to keep on top of weeds in borders, the vegetable garden and all your pots and containers. Remember remove the weeds just below the surface to get to the root. Weeding on a sunny day will ensure weeds left on the surface dry out and die in the warmth.

Lawn care

Mow regularly but remember to raise the cutting height during dry spells.  This will help the lawn retain moisture and cope better in the heat.  As summer progresses, lower the cutting height to start preparing for autumn weather. The Cobra mower range is ideal for this as all of our mowers feature a uniquely flexible height-of-cut adjustment that will let you increase the cut height in 10mm intervals from 25mm to 75mm.

If you find your lawn turning brown do not worry, it is very common at this time of year but it will recover when it rains.  You can however prevent this for next year by ensuring that the lawn is well scarified and aerated later in the year.  This can be achieved by using the Cobra S32E scarifer / lawn rake which comes with a powerful 1300W motor and has a full 13” width.  The S32E also comes with an aerating blade drum and scarifying tine drum.

Be prepared!

This is a vital time to use the last months of the growing season to get your lawn ready for the potential stresses of autumn and winter. Early planning and prep work should improve the health of your lawn right through winter and is in good condition ready for the following spring.