Show your lawn some autumnal TLC

cobrablogAutumn is in full swing and it’s tempting to hibernate in doors to keep warm. To prepare for next year, it’s best to brave the cold and do some end of year garden maintenance. You will thank yourself for it next year when the grass is at its greenest and the borders look stunning.

To keep lawns in tip top condition it’s best to follow the process of clearing, scarifying and aerating. Clearing the lawn of leaves prevents it from being smothered. A lawn full of leaves can also create the perfect environment for unwelcome garden pests such as slugs and snails.

For clearing leaves, the quickest and easiest way to tackle the task is with the Cobra BV2600 electric blower vac. The vacuum features a power mulching system and a large 45ltr collection bag, all of which allows for easy leaf collection. The BV2600’s versatility is boosted by its powerful 2600W motor, its ability to change from vacuum to blower in an instant, and its ergonomic handle design that makes it breeze to use.

An ideal use for the leaves after collection is to turn them into nutritious leafmould. Leaves can be collected and placed in a bag with air holes added to allow air to circulate. Place it in a quiet corner and in a years’ time you will have a bag full of nourishing mulch, ideal for improving soil structure.

If you plan to compost your leaves, take care to avoid collecting any infected leaves as these may spread disease. With bonfire night this week, you may have plans to burn leaf piles. Take time to check the pile for any wildlife, especially hedgehogs. Our prickly friends often take shelter in leaf piles so check underneath or if possible, relocate the pile shortly before burning.

Once clear, scarifying will remove dead grass and any moss to clear room for healthy regrowth. Finally, aeration allows the lawn to breathe, relieving compaction and allowing any trapped gasses to escape. A lawn should be aerated at least once a year.

All those steps may seem like a daunting prospect but Cobra has the perfect tool to get the job done. The Cobra S32E Scarifier/Aerator features a 1300W motor and covers a width of thirteen inches. Equipped with an aerating blade and a scarifying drum, your lawn will be the envy of the neighbourhood!

Before storing your gardening equipment away for the cold snap, it’s best to give it a bit of TLC. Whilst storing lawnmowers over winter, remember to drain any fuel as stale petrol can cause damage next season. Now is also a good time to consider getting your mower professionally serviced and the blade sharpened.

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