Happy New Year from Cobra!


Happy New Year from Cobra!

It’s that time of year where everyone starts off with the best of intentions, and makes New Year resolutions. If you’ve not yet decided what you aim to do in 2015 it’s not too late! Why not resolve to get out in the garden more, or perhaps give your lawn a little more TLC?

Cobra is here to help you keep your New Year gardening resolutions, with easy to use, no fuss equipment and advice.

It’s never too early to get gardening and January is a great time to get things back in order before spring is upon us.

Have you vowed to be more wildlife friendly this year? If so, now is the time to start trimming hedges and trees, before the bird nesting season starts. Remove any dead or damaged branches and trim plants to shape. For trees, try the Cobra CS35E electric chainsaw (£95.99 inc. VAT) Lightweight at just 5kg, the chainsaw features a powerful 1800W engine.

Safety is paramount when working with chainsaws so always follow instructions, and wear appropriate safety gear. Lifting a chainsaw about chest height is not advised as this will hinder your control of the tool.

The 600W Cobra H55E electric hedgetrimmer (£71.99 inc. VAT) is designed to tackle the most demanding jobs with ease with its 55cm double sided blade making light work of hedges.

Maybe you are on a mission to have less clutter in the garden shed this year? Cobras multi 4-in-1 multi tool saves you space! Powered with a 25cc engine, the Cobra MT250C 4-in-1 Multi-Tool (£287.99 inc. VAT) includes four handy attachments – a grass trimmer, a brushcutter, a pole prune and a long reach hedgecutter, that articulates through 180 degrees. All the tools to tackle garden tasks on one handle. Handy and space saving!

Don’t forget, after all the promises of fresh starts, the best thing you can do this year is go out and make time to enjoy your garden!