Luscious lawns with Cobra


Sun filled evenings mean spring is well underway. As we get to enjoy the outdoors more, you may start to notice your lawn needs a little TLC. Cobra has some tips on how to get your lawn looking luscious again in no time!

Efficient, regular mowing can do wonders for lawns. As grass grows prolifically during spring gardeners should aim to keep lawns roughly the same height all the way through the season.

Mowing grass too short is a sure fire way to encourage weeds and moss. Cobra’s unique seven step cut height adjustment feature will help with this. The mower features seven cutting heights ranging from 25mm for a fresh low cut, up to 75mm for longer grass, all at the push of a simple adjustment lever.

To tackle any bare patches in lawns, invest in some quality lawn seed. A wide range of seeds are now available, catering for all sorts of lawns, from shady patches to clay soils, so keep an eye out for a seed best suited to your lawn type.

To begin, remove as much moss and debris as possible with a lawn rake and sprinkle the seeds over the threadbare areas. After sowing, lightly rake over the area and water. As an added boost to lawns, feeding with a spring lawn fertiliser should encourage better growth. Always read the instructions carefully.

Once your lawn starts to flourish, Cobra’s brand new range of cordless, lithium-ion powered lawnmowers will make mowing a breeze. The quiet yet powerful and lightweight lithium-ion range, at this point, consists of two lawnmowers – the MX4140v 16” push lawnmower and the 18” self-propelled mower.

Both mowers feature Samsung 40V lithium-ion batteries which, thanks to lithium-ion technology, have no memory effect meaning the battery life capacity will not deteriorate over time. The Cobra cordless mowers feature a battery power indicator light system with four lights ranging from full to a warning when the battery is ready for recharging. These 40V batteries can reach 80% maximum charge in just 45 minutes.

The push propelled 16” MX4140V mower, costing £299.99 including VAT, has a 50 litre grass bag and has one battery. One the other hand, to minimise recharging time, the MX46S40V contains two batteries so one is always spare to keep you mowing! The 18” MX46S40V option also features a four in one collection system that allows mulching and side discharge. It costs £449.99 including VAT.

Cobra’s new range of cordless lawnmowers is packed with innovative features to help you
create the perfect garden with minimum effort.