Mower Maintenance


Peak mowing season is now in full swing and, following on from last month’s luscious lawn tips, we have some advice on mower maintenance.

The saying goes “a workman is only as good as his tools” and maintenance is key to keeping your tools moving for years to come.

First things first, before you begin, make sure you read instructions carefully and check your Cobra manual.

For a healthy trim, make sure blades are sharp. Dull blades tear grass rather than cutting neatly. Whilst sharpening, always wear gloves and be sure that the mower is disconnected from any power source.

Keeping mowers clean is another key step towards a healthy machine and a happy lawn. A regular brush down will remove dirt and grime whilst dislodging any weed seeds waiting to make an escape back in to the lawn. Maintaining a clean machine also boosts efficiency for petrol mowers.

Don’t forget to recycle those grass clippings! They are packed full of nitrogen and other nutrients ideal for composting.

Protect your mower by checking lawns for debris before you begin. Hidden stones can damage mowers and potential cause injury. Check spark plugs and air filters where necessary and regularly monitor oil levels taking care not to forget to drain and replace old oil as your mower is going to be used regularly over the coming months.

The best way to keep your mower moving is to book it in for a regular service with a qualified dealer. We have a vast network of Cobra dealers around the UK ready to help you out.

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