Power with no strings attached


Lithium-ion batteries are fast becoming a huge player in the powered gardening equipment market, but what is lithion-ion and what are the benefits?

Cobra’s range of lithium-ion powered mowers give you the freedom to move, without the restriction of cumbersome power cables or the need to pop to the petrol station.

Lithium-ion units are lightweight, can store more power than other batteries and can retain their charge longer. Other benefits include being environmentally friendly and easy to recharge, with Cobra models boasting a charge time of 45 minutes for 80% battery.

Cobra’s brand new range of cordless, lithium-ion powered lawnmowers will make mowing a breeze. The quiet yet powerful and lightweight range, at this point, consists of two lawnmowers – the MX4140v 16” push lawnmower and the 18” self-propelled mower.

Both mowers feature Samsung 40V lithium-ion batteries which, thanks to lithium-ion technology, have no memory effect meaning the battery life capacity will not deteriorate over time. Older lithium batteries went through a stage of heavy self-discharge but new models, such as Cobra’s, have a low discharge rate and can be repeatedly recharged to their capacity.

The Cobra cordless mowers feature a battery power indicator light system with four lights ranging from full to a warning when the battery is ready for recharging.

Cobra’s new range of cordless lawnmowers is packed with innovative features to help you
create the perfect garden with minimum effort. Prices start at £299.99.