Maintaining your technicolour outdoor carpet

Autumn has officially arrived when we start to notice an array of colours covering the ground. This will cause to happen when the trees begin their process to survive the harsh winter weather conditions.

Cobra Oct BlogIn order to enjoy the colourful season of autumn, from collecting conkers and observing the collages of beauty all around, make sure you regularly clear away the leaves from your lawn areas. Not only are they hazardous when they become wet, causing you to slip whilst perambulating around your garden, but they can also be an eye sore, littering your garden.

Grass is a living organism and requires air and sunlight in order to grow. As the grass gets weaker, because of the lack of sunlight it is getting, moss will begin to appear and take root. Therefore, it is important to tend to those leaves, as the health of your lawn may suffer if not. Many gardeners rake the leaves into a garden bag and dispose of them in their rubbish bins. However, in order to recycle nature back into nature, why not mow them with a mulching mower? This will ensure the leaves are cut into tiny pieces, and as the shredded pieces decompose, they will act as a natural fertiliser and weed control agent for your lawn.

Make sure you do not miss out on catching the last time to mow your lawn. Not only will you be freeing your lawns from being suffocated by the leaves, but mowing during the autumnal months is not always necessary. This is due to the growth of your lawn beginning to slow down, usually around the time that the daily temperature does not reach above 10 degrees Celsius. However, make sure you do not leave the grass length more than around 4 inches long, as it can matt down and then encourage snow mould.

Another useful tip to bear in mind when cutting your lawn is to make sure the blades of your lawnmower are kept sharp. If your blades are dull they will tear the grass instead of cutting it with a clean finish. The wounds to the grass may cause the grass to loose water, which may also leave the plants bedded around the surrounding borders being more vulnerable to diseases over winter.

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