Cobra has something for all seasons

Through spring, summer, autumn and winter, Cobra can be by your side, or in your hand, whilst you both maintain and enjoy your garden.

Whilst you are keeping the lawn tidy during the spring and summer, why not try out our selection of Cobra mowers that will suit all gardening types? The cordless range offers efficient power from 40 volt lithium-ion technology, expertly designed in the UK to cater specifically for the changing conditions of British lawns. Our unique range allows you to get more done without the need for petrol or messy electric cables.

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When tidying away all that debris in the garden, Cobra’s saw horse range not only aids in cutting the branches, but also provides a safe hold of the chainsaw whilst it is not in use. Used alongside any of our electric or petrol chainsaws, quick work can be made of clearing those fallen branches so as to not inhibit the growth of the lawn beneath.

When the winter months do finally arrive, why not try the Cobra LS600V, with ergonomic controls combined with its 3000w motor, splitting firewood for those cosy nights in, has been designed for a simple and effortless task.

Cobra blog image 2 Oct
Remember, when using a chain saw it is important to put safety first, ensure to wear the appropriate hearing protection and face shield. Also, when cutting the logs to the suitable length, keep in mind the 16” rule. This is an ideal length for most fireplaces and woodstoves. There are generally two directions to cut -upwards and downwards. Most wood is cut best by placing the saw above the wood and cutting down through it. Gravity will usually pull the cut piece away from the log and you can continue cutting in this fashion. If the chainsaw gets stuck in the log, do not panic, simply turn it off immediately and, if prising the log open does not work, disassemble the saw bar from the engine assembly and try again. With the bar removed, the chain will usually pull free much easier.

All year round Cobra can help you to fight through the many weather conditions Britain is faced with. For a look at the most comprehensive range of garden machinery, please visit our website.