Start the New Year right with Cobra

We all have the best intentions, when the New Year arrives, to come up with a New Year’s resolution that we can stick to. Why not venture out into the garden a little more, embracing nature with the helping hand of the most comprehensive range of garden machinery.

Cobra image for blog jan 16

Cobra may be the answer to all of your doubts about experiencing more of your garden and enjoying your outdoor space to the full. January may be a very cold month, however it is never too early to begin to prepare your garden for the lovely summerly spring months.

If you are not sure which New Year’s resolution to choose, take a look at the following to decide on which would suit you best;

  1. I will cut back any trees that present a hazard.
  2. I will define my garden design tastes and put them into practice
  3. I will grow some plants that I’ve not tried before.
  4. I will develop my garden design to factor in the winter landscape so it looks good all year round
  5. I will stop complaining about garden pests and take preventative measures against them.

(Saving the most important till last) I shall fully enjoy my outdoor space, rather than being a slave to its upkeep. I will now “stop to smell the roses” and enjoy my garden the Cobra way! These resolutions are simple but effective choices on how to improve your experience of your outdoor space and to help to love your garden again. Cobra can be on hand to help you with the majority of these. Why not check out the Cobra RM40C Rear Roller Lawnmower, to apply the finest finish to your lawn in the spring. The RM40C is hand propelled and is powered by a Cobra DG350 engine, to provide exceptional performance and style. With an impressive 60ltr grass bag capacity, this would be perfect for those of you who hate emptying the grass bag more than you have to.

For more details on range of products that could help you with your New Year’s resolution, please check out the Cobra website.