Wake up, it’s a beautiful garden!!

Spring brings new life and beautiful frosty mornings, which can also mean that your garden is waking up to the cold spell. Alongside the unpredictability of the great British weather, we have also been seeing spells of over average temperatures for this time of the year.

Cobra image for Feb 16

In order to embrace the incoming cold spell which is set to hit our shores fairly soon, why not prepare the logs to put on the fire. To make this job a lot less stressful and time consuming, why not try Cobra’s LS52OH 1500W Log Splitter. Accompanied with a stand and a suitably positioned carry handle, this can be moved around the garden to suit your needs. This can split a range of log sizes with an incredible 5.5 Tonne split force.

Cobra log splitters are packed with innovative features to help you split logs with the minimum effort. This includes the dynamic 4-way splitter, making quick work of all those larger logs. Transport wheels also eliminate the need for heavy lifting, and makes the LS520H a pleasure to work with in any garden.

Remember, to not forget your lawn at this time of the year though. As there is little to do whilst the grass adjusts to the numbing temperatures. Try installing lawn edging which will not only create a neat and tidy appearance, but it will also make maintenance for the following season just that little bit easier.

For more information on the log splitters or to browse the Cobra range, visit the website.