Control your lawn growth with Cobra

This month officially marks the start of spring, and every gardener should now be getting ready to spruce up their lawn.

Cobra march image

March is the perfect time of year to pay attention to your gardening equipment for the year ahead, either making some slight technical alterations to your old one and getting machinery serviced, or investing in a shiny brand new one. With the most up-to-date technology in garden care, Cobra is here to help.

Remember that your lawn has been shocked by the cold winter weather and you have got to be gentle with your lawn, avoiding rolling or cutting too short, as this could damage the roots of the grass, and discolour your lawn, and no-one wants that before the main gardening season arrives.

Make sure you are gentle whilst cutting, especially with the first couple of mows. This is a vital lawn tip, as this will ensure you have a healthy lawn space. The MX515SPBI, by Cobra, boasts a convenient seven stage adjustment system which ensures that you can be confident that your lawn will be cut evenly and safely for the overall benefit of your lawn health.

After the first mow of the year, leave it a couple of days, and then mow again on a slightly lower cut height setting. This will provide you with an elegant aesthetic finish, without damaging the roots of your lawn.

A good fertiliser will help to replenish your lawn, and consequently speed up growth. It is also important to use a spring mix fertiliser, as this will contain the right balance of nutrients for your lawn at this time of the year. To keep up with this increased growth speed of your lawn, the brand new Cobra MX515SPBI, powered by the Briggs & Stratton 675IS promotes a new and innovative InStart engine. This mower confidently showcases a self-propelled drive, ensuring no backs are strained whilst using this product, allowing the mower to do all the work for you, you just have to put it in the right direction.

Beware of damp or soggy patches of the lawn containing weeds, mowing these areas would be advised after the lawn has dried out. Weeds and unsightly patches of grass can also slow or cause mowers to be driven off in the wrong direction. Complete user control can be guaranteed from the five speed gearbox installed in the MX515SPBI. With an impressive 60ltr bag capacity, this will allow you to mow to your heart’s desire, without needing to keep emptying the cuttings. Weeds can also use up valuable nutrients which could be put to better use, helping your lawn to growth healthy and strong.

Ease of cleaning your outdoor equipment is an important factor when deciding on the right mower for your needs. Cobra’s strong aluminium deck on the MX515SPBI will ensure long lasting durability, suitable for all terrains and garden types. This feature also means the product is easier to clean, and less susceptible to corrosion.

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