Gardening jobs for the month – July


July is the peak of summer, the month when you want to me out in the garden for as long as possible! Whether it be for your own enjoyment or because you’re hosting a BBQ and have guests coming round, everyone wants their garden look its best this month!

To help you out so you can make the most of your garden, here at Cobra we’ve put together our top tips for what to do in the garden this month.


Perfect your lawn! At this time of year you need to be regularly mowing. Now we might be biased on this one but it really is the best way to keep your garden looking tidy – the lawn is the centre piece so it’s the first thing people notice! Our range of mowers can help here! We’ve got plenty to choose from. Little and often is the trick as it avoids scalping the lawn, which can cause significant damage particularly if temperatures rise.

Keep a rake on standby as well to collect up debris, particularly around flower beds and under hedges, to avoid build up that can hinder the lawn growth.

Away from the lawn, your flower beds will need some attention. Regular deadheading will encourage new growth and will extend the bloom and season.

It’s not just us humans that enjoy the July sunshine! Your plants do to! But make sure you remember to water them all thoroughly and regularly, particularly new plants to help them get established.

If you are going away don’t forget to ask someone to come and water your plants for you. The last thing you’ll want when you return from a relaxing holiday is to find that all your plants have wilted and your hard work has been wasted. Even better than a plant sitter, a solar powered automatic watering system is an investment you’ll never regret!

Hopefully, the nice weather is now to here to stay so it’s a good time to bring conservatory plants outside for some fresh air. If you’re a grow your own fan and have been trying courgettes this year, July is the time to harvest them – unless of course you’re wanting some marrows!

Finally, whilst it may seem a bit premature and that we’re wishing the summer away before it has arrived, July is good time to start planning your garden for next year. If you’re wanting plants to flower next spring, start shopping now for spring-flowering bulbs. It’s never too early!