Helping your lawn in the heat

We might not be having the hottest summer in history but we do keep having the occasional burst of random sunshine for a few days at a time.

Even if those little amounts aren’t enough to make you feel like summer is here, your lawn will definitely be feeling it!

To help prepare you (and your lawn!) for when the sun next comes out, we’ve put together our top tips for how to keep your lawn healthy in the heat.


Keeping hydrated is vital when the sun shines – for you and your lawn! Although be careful to get the balance right. Just like Goldilocks your lawn can have too much or too little! Too much water can leave your lawn susceptible to pests and too little can dry it out.

Instead of in watering in small amounts daily, try every few days but for longer. This will prevent the root from growing too close to the surface.


The best time of day to water is early morning as watering at night leaves the grass time to cool and stay moist for an extended period of time, which can encourage disease.

To maximise the impact of your watering regime you may need to aerate your lawn to allow the water and oxygen into the turf. Our Cobra aerator can help with this, or you can go for the old-fashioned method of simply spiking with a garden fork.


Don’t’ mow in the high heat as the lawn will lose all its moisture when the lawnmower cuts the grass blade.

Mow regularly to maintain a consistent grass length. However, the grass doesn’t necessarily need to be short. In fact, a higher cut allows more sunlight to access the grass.

More sunlight = more energy = more nutrients

Remember that grass is rich in water and nutrients so when you mow consider returning the cuttings back to the lawn. A Cobra mulching mower can help you this!

Control weeds

Although weeds grow all year round they somehow seem more prominent in the summer. The heat can accelerate their growth so you need to deal with them quickly. Daily checks around the garden will mean you can spot them as soon as they form and can remove them before they grow roots. Make sure you dig them up from the root to stop them coming back.

However, the best way to stop weeds completely is to have a healthy lawn! It’s a vicious circle really but a thick and well-maintained lawn will stop germination of weed seeds that are spread by wind.


If all that wasn’t enough make sure you seed any bare patches and give them particular attention!

 Even if the sun doesn’t shine, at least you’ll have a healthy lawn fully prepared to withstand the winter!