A tool for every gardening task where space is of a premium!

Choosing the right garden tool can seem quite a challenge, particularly with so many options on the market. Storage for multiple tools can also pose a problem. With the Cobra 4-in-1 multi-tool system these problems are things of the past!
The Cobra MT250C has everything needed to help around the garden without having to purchase and store four individual tools. The multi-tool is powered by a Cobra petrol 25cc engine and has four quality attachments – a grass trimmer, brushcutter and pole pruner and an articulating long reach hedgetrimmer.
 MT250C Full Multi Tool - Pole Pruner
The grass trimmer attachment tidies long grass and undergrowth thanks to its double line feed, as well as tap ‘n’ go for releasing more string when required with complete ease. It also features a robust guard to protect the user – and their flower beds!
The pole pruner helps to access hard to reach branches with its  long reach shaft and 30cm bar and chain, of chainsaw quality. Similarly, the hedgetrimmer feature has a 72cm shaft with 42cm cutting blade with 30mm tooth spacing along with an articulating head allowing you to easily adjust the angle of the cut through 180 degrees.
MT250C Full Multi Tool - Metal Blade
The lightweight MT250C multi-tool comes as standard with a single shoulder harness for enhanced user comfort. It retails at £219.99.