Starting 2017 the green way

We all know that Christmas can sometimes get out of hand. There’s tinsel and glitter everywhere, enough chocolate to last you a year and your gift budget went out of the window weeks ago. But don’t worry, there is one thing you can do with your real Christmas tree that will leave you with a big, eco-friendly smile on your face.


If you chose a real Christmas tree rather than an artificial one, your carbon footprint is already lower than if you had bought a fake one. To go the extra mile, why not turn your Christmas tree into mulch and give it back to your garden this year?

Mulch is material made up of decaying plant matter such as leaves and bark. By using it on top of your existing soil, it can be beneficial to your plants in a number of ways. It will prevent weeds from sprouting through, help retain moisture, ease water drainage and provide an excellent environment for worms and other insects that your garden relies on.

Start by sawing off your Christmas tree’s branches and leaves. Using Cobra’s 40v Cordless Chainsaw will make light work of it – there are no wires to get in the way and its 14inch Oregon bar and chain will cut with ease. Then, cut the tree trunk into small, manageable pieces.


Cobra’s Quiet Shredder with a large 50 litre collection box will finish the job off quickly and efficiently. The Cobra QS2500 quiet drum shredder is supplied with a practical plunger to help feed through the branches, trunk and leaves and will help to speed up the shredding of heavier loads.


What would normally be an impossible task without this shredder can be completed within minutes. Cobra’s Quiet Shredder also has a safety mechanism which cuts the motor if the collection box is removed. For extra safety, always remember to wear protective gloves and eyewear when using the shredder.

…and that’s it – your mulch is ready to use! You can spread it around your borders, underneath planted shrubs and in your pots – the garden will thank you!