Will you be celebrating National Gardening Week? …You should be!

National Gardening Week, launched by the RHS to encourage people to dig in (literally) and do some gardening, is 10th – 16th April.

The benefits of gardening are more than just planting some bulbs and hoping that they grow the following spring – it is also a great way to stay healthy and happy.

After a long day in the garden, we at Cobra like nothing more than taking a step back and seeing the fruits of our labour. It is a chance to be creative, experiment and get some exercise.

Gardening is a wonderful opportunity to get children involved too, helping them learn about plants, wildlife and the process of nurturing a plant from just a seed.

If you’re looking for some ‘me’ time, it can also be a therapeutic activity to undertake on your own. Research suggests that spending just five minutes in the garden and simply looking at nature can help to reduce blood pressure and increase feelings of happiness!

There are so many things you can do to get involved with National Gardening Week, whether it’s cleaning your driveway, planting herbs or mowing the lawn (We have lawnmowers!).1347885647_f6c27b1341_m

For more information on National Gardening Week, visit http://nationalgardeningweek.org.uk/