Do you know your hover from your cylinder? A brief guide to lawn mowers

Electric, rotary, hover, cylinder… small garden, large garden… how do you know which is the best lawn mower for your needs? We have put together this brief guide about the different types of mower, which we think will help to make your decision easier.

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Rotary Mowers

This type of mower is generally robust and versatile, able to cut grass on rough, sloping and flat terrain. It has blades which rotate horizontally at a height of your choosing. Petrol and electric models are available, and are ideal for the weekly or fortnightly trim of an average sized garden. They can also cope under some strain, for example on a lawn that has areas of thick, overgrown grass.


Cylinder Mowers

These mowers have blades at the front of the models, which rotate in a circular motion against a fixed bottom blade. Great for very fine cutting on a level surface; they will get your lawn looking perfect down to the last millimetre! They are available as petrol, electric and hand-pushed models.


Hover Mowers

These are a type of rotary mower with a horizontally spinning blade, but with an added air cushion which makes the mower hover above the grass. This floating mechanism makes the lawn mower incredibly lightweight and manoeuvrable, and would be ideal for use on unusually-shaped or curved lawns.

Cordless Mowers

Cordless lawn mowers are exactly that: cable free and therefore, less fussy. They can be either petrol or battery-powered. The popularity of battery-powered gardening equipment has increased dramatically over recent years, because of their convenience and surprising power. Unlike petrol mowers, battery-powered tools generally require less maintenance and up-keep than petrol, especially when preparing for winter.

Many cordless mowers can also be self-propelled, alleviating much of the effort required to push, so you are able to mow larger areas without fatigue.


Rear Roller Mowers

These electric or petrol-driven mowers come with an added feature – a rear roller that flattens the grass, forcing it to lay in the same direction, enabling you to create those highly sought-after lawn stripes!


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