Plant Now and Reap the Rewards in Spring!

Garden growth and colour is starting to slow down and change at this time of year. Leaves will begin to turn and fall, and shorter days and dark nights will soon be here.

A little planning now will mean that flowers start to reappear again next year, as early as January, meaning there’ll be plenty of colour come spring time.

The easiest way to achieve this is to plant spring and summer flowering bulbs in September, October and November.

We’ve created a list of some ideal bulbs that will ensure lots of colour:

  • Snowdrops –


Plant in late September and they will emerge from the frozen ground in January and last until late February. They are a welcome reminder that spring is on its way and are ideal from borders and containers. They don’t mind a shady area, so can also be planted under trees or shrubs. You can leave them and they will spread naturally.


  • Daffodils –


Plant by the end of September or early October. These typically flower in February and last until May. There are many different varieties of daffodils, all in delicate shades of yellow, orange and cream.


  • Crocus –


Also available in many different colours, and great to group together along a border or in a planter. If planted in autumn these will start to appear by February.


  • Lilies –


Most summer-flowering lilies are hardy plants that are best planted in pots and enjoy full sun, flowering in May through to July. Available in lots of striking colours, our favourite is ‘Stargazer’.


  • Alliums –


Delightful flowers that are a member of the onion family – but not edible – some varieties resemble pom-poms in a range of colours! These are hardy plants that aren’t sensitive to frosts. Plant them in September or October and they will flower from May!


  • Tulips –


Available in almost every colour imaginable, these are a favourite flower for many and look beautiful in a cluster. Plant in November and they will start to flower in April.


  • Agapanthus –


A beautiful erect plant with large round flower heads that last for several weeks. Colour vary but usually are blue and white. They are ideal for pots and borders and should be planted from October.


Read the planting instructions carefully for each of the above, as the depth and required growing conditions are very important to ensure a healthy plant and colourful display.