Happy New Year!

Christmas is over, as is all the leftover turkey (we hope!).

Although January is still a cold, dark month, we can’t help but get excited about a brand-new year of gardening ahead of us. What are your resolutions for the garden this year?


Are you determined to get a lush, perfectly maintained lawn this year? Grow your own fruit and vegetables? Or perhaps you want to plant a tree or two, or nurture a new hedge? Whatever your resolution this year, we have a solution designed to make the task easier, so you will have more time to sit back and enjoy your garden!

Over the coming months we will be posting some how-to guides for the gardening tasks mentioned above, and more besides.

Gardening jobs for January


  • Remember to keep feeding birds. You can feed birds in your garden all year round, but they are particularly in need of extra food at this time of year.


  • Now is a good time to clean out your shed or greenhouse, and wash any plant pots or containers ready for planting in March and April.


We’d love to hear what you have planned for your garden in 2018! You can find us on Twitter and Facebook.


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