February is still a quiet time in the garden – winter isn’t quite over just yet, but the first signs of spring, namely daffodils and snowdrops, are appearing.

A little planning this month, and deciding which bulbs you would like to plant, will ensure you achieve a colourful, vibrant summer display of blooms all season long.

Some of our favourites include:


Tuberous begonias produce stunning flowers all the way through summer and continue until November! The Begonia ‘Fragrant Falls’ variety come in delicate pastel colours of lemon, peach and pink. They quite like shady areas, so will brighten up a patio or shaded area of the garden beautifully.



Alliums are a firm favourite in the garden. Their purple, spherical blooms stand proudly on tall stems, adding height and structure to borders and beds. Allium ‘Ambassador’ can reach over a metre in height and have large, full umbels which are made up of dozens of tiny, delicate flowers. A real statement in the garden!

Large purple heads of Ambassador giant ornamental onion (Allium 'Ambassador')


Oriental lilies bring a touch of the exotic to the garden. They prefer to be planted first in containers until their flowers are just beginning the open, then move them to centre stage during summer! Lilium hansonii will flower in early summer in beautiful yellow-orange, white or red.



Varieties of gladiolus have interesting foliage, with sword-shaped leaves and often funnel-shaped flowers. Gladiolus flanaganii will flower in mid to late summer, so it’s a great choice to extend the colour in your garden. These varieties come in different shades of red, so will really stand out in any border.


You can also consider using containers and hanging baskets to brighten up your patio, front door or driveway. Bedding plants are ideal for this type of planting. We would recommend lobelias, petunias and osteospermum for fabulous flowers for minimum effort.

Osteospermum Serenity Blue Eyed Beauty - 5 Large Plug Plants

Osteospermum ‘Serenity Blue Eyed Beauty’


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