Spring is here at last and you will have noticed more daffodils and crocus flowering, and even trees starting to blossom. The weather can be somewhat unpredictable in April with milder temperatures, rain, sunshine and frosts all possible. Despite that, you can start to turn your attention to the lawn, planting, trimming hedges and giving the garden a bit of a ‘spring’ clean after winter.

It is also National Gardening Week at the end of the month, beginning on 30th April to 6th May – a perfect time to get outdoors for some fresh air and a spot of gardening!

The lawn will have started to grow this month, after being dormant for much of the winter. To encourage strong spring growth for your lawn, lightly rake it to remove any moss and debris that may have accumulated – this will help to improve the air flow and drainage around the blades of grass, helping moisture to reach the soil below.

If your lawn is suffering from compaction, which is evident if the ground is very hard, rainwater runs off easily without soaking into the ground, and/or there is a layer of thatch (dead grass and roots) between the fresh grass growth and the soil, then you may need to use a scarifier to solve the problem. Our Electric Powered Scarifier has the ability to both scarify and aerate your lawn, which will allow air and moisture to reach the soil and encourage strong, vibrant growth.

After raking or scarifying, begin mowing it every fortnight, and make sure not to cut it too short as this will strip it of essential moisture and cause it to dry out. As spring progresses into summer, you can start mowing the lawn every week. We have more than 50 lawnmowers in our range, so there is something suit every type of lawn – large or small, flat or sloping. And we have mowers that let you create the much sought-after striped lawn!


Another way to help your lawn this season is to consider returning the grass clippings to the lawn after each cut. We offer lawnmowers that have mulching capabilities, which ensure that the grass is cut into tiny pieces, which can be deposited back onto the lawn. These cuttings contain lots of vital moisture and minerals and returning them to the lawn will promote healthy growth. We also have Cylinder mowers which are hand propelled and can be used with or without a grass bag.

Another job to consider over the next few weeks is trimming hedges, particularly privet, box and leylandii. Cutting back hedges by small amounts every so often will encourage more growth, making the hedges appear thicker and greener. To make the task a breeze, we have a range of electric, petrol and cordless hedgetrimmers.

Finally, it is a good idea to go around your lawn with a half moon lawn edger to smarten and straighten up lawn edges, an effective and easy task that makes the whole garden look neat!

Click on the links to find out more about our lawnmowers, grass trimmers, chainsaws, hedgetrimmers, brushcutters, pole pruners and multi-tools, and stay tuned for updates on our new products for 2018!