The heatwave is killing my lawn! What can I do?

It has been a long, hot summer and it isn’t over yet! Whilst it’s been great for barbecues and garden parties, the plants and lawns have not been feeling quite so carefree.

Under long periods of drought, all grass eventually turns yellow, becoming very straw-like and crackling under foot. What can you do to help?


Here are our top tips for looking after the lawn during a heatwave:

  1. If your lawn has turned yellow, it has gone into ‘survival mode’ and is also stressed. If possible, avoid walking on the lawn as much as you can to limit the damage caused
  2. There is no need to mow your lawn regularly once it has turned yellow. Once it does rain and the grass begins greening up again, keep the blades on your lawnmower to the highest setting so that you are not cutting the grass too short and taking too much moisture away
  3. Don’t try and water the grass! With possible hosepipe bans looming, using a watering can will be time consuming and it’s unlikely to be sufficient water
  4. Don’t use feeds or fertilisers – this can end up causing more damage if there is not enough moisture
  5. Remember that grass is one of the world’s most resilient plants – it can withstand arctic frosts and desert droughts, even fire! So, it will always grow back once the rain arrives.

Once autumn arrives, the lawn will benefit from some scarifying and aeration to aid healthy growth and remove the dead material, and to help it retain its moisture for longer during next year’s summer months. We will be including more tips on this in our September blog!

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