Autumn Lawn Care Tips from the Experts

It has been a tough year for lawns so far this year – the freezing, snowy conditions in March, followed by a blazing summer heatwave has meant lawns have not really followed their typical growing pattern.

Now that the scorching weather is cooling down and autumn rain is on its way, you will notice that the grass is starting to green up again, recover from the heat stress and grow. Keep mowing the lawn this month, and possibly into October too, if it needs it. As the mowing season began later this season, and in some places never really got off the ground, we expect that it will extend until later than usual into autumn and winter.

When the grass eventually becomes dormant, store away your lawnmower until next year and concentrate on aeration and repair work. If it is a petrol mower make sure you drain the engine, or add a fuel stabiliser to guarantee easy starting next season.

The lawn will benefit from some scarifying and aeration to aid healthy growth and remove the dead moss and thatch, and to help it retain its moisture for longer during next year’s summer months.


Our SA32E Electric Powered Scarifier makes light work of scarifying lawns and saves all the painstaking raking up of moss and thatch that would otherwise be involved. It comes with two cylinders as standard – a scarifier with blades and an aerator with spring tines, so you can tackle two jobs with one machine!


Once you have scarified the lawn, repair any patches by sprinkling over lawn seed. Spread a thin layer of compost over the top to help prevent the seeds from being eaten by birds and water occasionally, if there is no rainfall, using a fine rose watering can.

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