Gardening for All Seasons

The lawn might have stopped growing at this time of year, but there are still plenty of tasks you can do in the garden. We do have the UK’s largest selection of lawnmowers available, but did you know we also have lots of tools for autumn and winter jobs too?

Wood-burning fireplaces are once again in vogue, and what better way to prepare for the cold winter than by cutting your own firewood?

Our range of chainsaws will make short work of cutting through large tree branches and the Cordless Chainsaw will run for up to 50 minutes on a 90 minute charge.


Autumn is a good time to have a clear out of beds and borders if they have been allowed to grow out of hand for some time. Our Quiet Shredder is great for shredding garden waste up to 40mm in diameter, and comes with a practical plunger for increased throughput on heavier loads. Naturally, we think it’s great but don’t just take our word for it. Kitchen Garden magazine recently recognised it as their Best Buy too!


Likewise, you can prune any trees that have become unruly. To cut branches that are normally out of reach, the Pole Pruner can extend to up to 2.7 metres, so you can tame overgrown trees or collect extra firewood before winter sets in.


Alternatively, the Cobra log splitter is designed exactly for this task. The LS520H, with its 1500w powerful motor and 5.5 tonnes of splitting force, can split logs up to 25cm in diameter in to four with just one stroke. We even has an extensive range of carts and trailers too, to help you transport the logs once cut!

Finally, to give your garden an instant neat and tidy look, clear up fallen autumn leaves from the lawn, driveway or patio. Our Electric and Petrol Blower Vacs collect nuisance leaves in a handy collection bag for easy disposal.

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