The first mow

It’s a little early in most parts of the country to be getting stuck into the lawn with spring renovation but you may well need to mow the grass.


Mowing the lawn in the right conditions, at the right height and frequency are always important but the first few cuts are even more important because the grass is not yet growing steadily so the potential for damage is greater.

First check the mower. It needs to be running efficiently with clean sharp blades; if not get it sorted now before the grass grows rapidly and the mower centre services are too busy to help!

Now, put it on the highest setting and check the lawn. It’s likely to be driest on a windy afternoon so that’s your target. Mow slower than normal, it may be slightly bumpy from frost and worm casts but that will soon settle or get the roller out. Be careful with turns as this is where most damage occurs. Once done give the mower a good clean and let it dry.

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