Spring trim the lawn with Cobra

As grass grows at temperatures above 5°C, lawn owners are facing the new challenge of extended growing periods throughout the year.

Mowing during colder temperatures may be a daunting prospect, but it is likely to continue as the seasons slowly change. Being better prepared now, and giving the lawn a well-needed trim, is crucial to attaining a perfect and luscious lawn for the summer.

Compact, stylish and powerful, the new Cobra MX3440V walk-behind mower, is ideal for any typical UK garden. With its high-performance 34cm rotary cutting system and 40v lithium-ion Samsung powered battery technology, this mower makes mowing truly effortless. Cutting as low as 25mm, for a manicured lawn finish, but equally capable of dealing with longer grass up to 75mm, it is perfect for all garden conditions. The height of cut adjustment makes changing very easy. When mowing is finished, the handles fold conveniently for easy storage.


The new mower – available on www.cobragarden.co.uk and from leading dealers across the UK – is compact, cordless and has been designed from the ground up, incorporating improved performance and distinctive styling to set it apart from others. Cobra has integrated Samsung battery technology into the product to provide enhanced power delivery and, ultimately, easier and faster mowing.

For more information about Cobra, please visit www.cobragarden.co.uk