Lawncare tips and how to choose the best mower for your garden

Spring has arrived and we’ve been enjoying some welcome warmer weather. The whole garden needs some attention at this time of year – planting, trimming hedges and giving everything a bit of a spring clean after winter. Many of us have found ourselves with a little extra time this spring, so use it to get your lawn looking tip-top!

As grass grows at temperatures above 5°C, you’ve probably trimmed your lawn a few times already this year. Add a couple of extra steps into your lawncare regime and reap the rewards for months to come. To help your lawn look its best, carry out a simple care and maintenance routine a couple of times a year in spring and autumn. To encourage strong spring growth, lightly rake it to remove any moss and debris that may have accumulated – this will help to improve the air flow and drainage around the blades of grass, helping moisture to reach the soil below.

If your lawn is suffering from compaction, which is evident if the ground is very hard, rainwater runs off easily without soaking into the ground, and/or there is a layer of thatch (dead grass and roots) between the fresh grass growth and the soil, then you may need to use a scarifier to solve the problem if a manual rake isn’t up to the job. Our SA32E Electric Scarifier and Aerator has the ability to both scarify and aerate your lawn, which will allow air and moisture to reach the soil and encourage strong, vibrant growth.

Applying a lawn treatment, to feed the existing grass, target weeds in the lawn and re-seed sparse patches is easy, as there are plenty of all-in-one solutions on the market. If your lawn suffers from a specific issue, it might be best to buy a specifically designed product to solve the problem. If you need to re-seed patches of lawn, deter birds from eating the seed by mixing it with a bit of sand. Lawn feed products will be marked with an NPK label followed by a series of numbers.

These numbers are a percentage representing Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium – the three main elements that deliver nutrients to the plants and grass.

For example, NPK 20-30-10 is 20% nitrogen, 30% phosphorus and 10% potassium. Among other things, each helps with the following:

Nitrogen: boosts growth speed and colour

Phosphorous: helps the grass withstand stress and stimulates root growth

Potassium: reduces disease and strengthens the grass

There is no one size fits all, you should purchase the best NPK level for your lawn requirements. For example, an established lawn will need a product with a higher Nitrogen level whereas a new lawn will need more Phosphorus to stimulate root growth, but a stressed lawn will need more Potassium to give it a helping hand.

After raking or scarifying, you can begin mowing your lawn every fortnight, making sure not to cut it too short as this will strip it of essential moisture and cause it to dry out. As spring progresses into summer, you can start mowing the lawn more regularly as it will grow faster. We have more than 100 lawnmowers in our range, so there is a perfect solution for every lawn – large or small, flat or sloping.

Our wide range of mowers offers petrol, electric and battery powered options, to suit every garden. If you’re looking for a good all-rounder, you can’t go wrong with our award-winning MX3440V Cordless Mower. It lets you get more done without the need for cables and has five different cutting heights. It’s ideal for small or medium sized gardens. It’s great for people trying to choose more environmentally friendly alternatives too.

For the ultimate in ‘green’ lawnmowing, try our HM381 Cylinder Mower. It’s a hand push lawn mower with a capacious grass bag that’s great for cutting small or medium sized lawns. At £49.99 it’s one of the cheapest in our range too, showing that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a lush, green lawn.

If you have a sloping lawn, a self-propelled model like our MX46S40V Cordless Mower will make light work of the gradient. It has seven cutting heights and a mulching function. Many of our mowers are equipped with a mulching function, allowing you to recycle the grass by finely cutting and re-cutting the clippings. As the clippings decompose, nutrients and fertilisers are returned to the soil meaning you can cut the grass and fertilise at the same time!

If you lust after those neat green stripes, our RM4140V Cordless Rear Roller Mower will do the trick. It will help you create an enviable, classic lawn.

For the ultimate in lawncare, our MX515SPBI Mower offers power, style and reliability. It’s powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine and is equipped with a durable aluminium deck. It has five gears and is self-propelled for ease of operation.

Gardening during isolation

A change of season and a change of plan

The warmer weather has arrived, and forces beyond our control mean that we have empty weekends in our diaries for the foreseeable future. This is not the spring anybody had planned, but on the bright side, it does provide us with the opportunity to spend more time in the garden. The longer days mean that we can enjoy getting outdoors after a day working from home, or even eat our dinner outside (perhaps wearing a coat though as there’s still a chill in the air!)

Tick some jobs off the list

Spring is the time to be planting, neatening things up and preparing your outdoor space for the seasons ahead. With more time on your hands, you can tackle the list of garden jobs that has been hanging around for years, perhaps painting fences or relaying your garden path.

So many benefits

During these weeks where we are confined to our houses and gardens, gardening in all its guises is the perfect isolation activity, providing exercise, entertainment and therapeutic benefits. Planting cheering flowers in your beds and borders is a perfect way to lift your mood and make the most of your garden. If you’re missing your trips to the gym, mowing the lawn is a great form of exercise too and helps burn calories.

There’s never been a more appealing time to grow your own either – you’ll get the satisfaction of growing your own food and avoid the queues at the supermarkets too.

The green fingered community

You might be gardening alone, but it will be comforting to remember that you’re gardening at the same time as so many others across the world, seeking solace in nature. Focusing on that sense of community, it’s National Gardening Week beginning Monday 27th April until Sunday 3rd May. This event promoted by the RHS encourages people or get outside in their gardens or on their balconies and to “keep gardening”.

National Gardening Week is the nation’s biggest celebration of gardening and raises awareness of how gardening can enhance life, boosting physical health and mental wellbeing. It inspires people, especially younger people, to experience the joy of growing and creating beautiful green spaces to enjoy.

The theme of National Gardening Week 2020 is around the mood-boosting effects of gardening, which have never been more important than they are now. The mental wellbeing benefits of gardening and growing are well documented and are increasingly spoken about by popular gardening personalities and influencers. You don’t have to be famous though – gardening is an affordable and joyful pastime accessible to most of us at some level, whether it’s growing colourful flowers in a window box or producing enough vegetables to feed a family from your garden.

Get the kids gardening too

If you’re entertaining little ones at home more than usual with schools suspended, National Children’s Gardening Week is a great event to get involved with. It takes place on 23rd-31st May and there are lots of activities and ideas to get kids involved with gardening on the website. The events won’t go ahead, but it’s still a great resource for outdoor inspiration and to help get the kids into gardening.

Whatever outdoor space you have, use it to the fullest this spring and turn it into a space that brings you joy and comfort in these difficult times.



We’re giving “Green Power To The People”. But what does it mean for you, our customers?

We recently announced that we are giving “Green Power To The People” and that we are supporting the cordless evolution.

But what does this mean and what’s it all about?

Sustainability, environmental impact, ethical living and “doing our bit” are huge topics that, quite rightly, are being discussed every day.

From metal straws to bamboo toothbrushes, we’ve all become aware of the amount of single-use plastic we use. But have you considered the impact your gardening habits are having?

We have. That’s why we have announced the first steps in our plan towards a more sustainable future and that we will be beginning to phase out the introduction of petrol powered products to the Cobra range.

We find a good analogy to help explain what we mean by this is to compare the garden machinery industry to car manufacturers.  The world is changing and we have to change with it. Similar to the automotive industry where electric cars have started to lead the way and are phasing out petrol models, cordless gardening products are starting to out sell petrol.

Just last month we wrote about the David Attenborough effect. The rate at which we are damaging our planet is obscene and we all know we need to do something. Everyone can make small changes – they all start to add up and contribute to the bigger picture for future generations.

We are very proud to be an industry leader, and that we have the largest range of powered lawnmowers available in the UK. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility, and, as industry leaders, it falls to us to make a stand. This is why we are proud to be supporting the cordless evolution.

We’ve already made significant progress away from petrol in recent years, and have introduced an extensive lithium-ion battery range, as well as electric options too. Our battery powered products have proven to be incredibly popular showing the demand among customers for not just a convenient option, but also a more environmentally friendly one too.

However, this isn’t going to be an instant change and Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is just the start of the process. Supply lines and contracts mean that we aren’t instantly going to stop production of petrol models. It does however show our commitment to sustainability, our recognition cordless is absolutely the long-term future for Cobra and our pledge to continue to give “Green Power To The People”.

To support this, our new products for this year include the launch of our first ever battery powered lawn scarifier as well as a range of robotic, petrol-free mowers. Mowbot robotic mowers are the ultimate in convenient gardening. Grass can be cut from the comfort of the sofa!

The process is simple. Set up the electric parameters in which the Mowbot is to do its work by laying a thin wire around the edge of the lawn then leave it to mow! When it has done its job, it will return to its charging station ready and raring to go out again next time.

What makes the Mowbot truly unique is its designs. Mowbot recognised that as these mowers are a permanent feature in the garden, they need to be stylish. Therefore, there are seven different designs available. There’s a slick British racing green, a camouflage design, a floral pattern or, for those wanting something more traditional and discreet, it’s also available in midnight black.

The other cordless extension is the introduction of the new battery powered lawn scarifier. Until now Cobra’s battery powered lawncare products consisted purely of lawnmowers but the launch of the S3840V sees this changing. The new scarifier grants gardeners the ability to transform their lawn, without the need for petrol or electricity.

To clarify though, this doesn’t mean we will instantly be stopping production of our petrol powered products. We will however be significantly focussing our new product development on cordless alternatives, which we truly see to be the future. But don’t worry if you recently bought a petrol product from us. We still offer the excellent after-service and parts fulfilment as before, and all warranties are of course still valid. Our dealers across the country as the best in the business and are true fountains of knowledge, they will still be able to help with any queries you have – petrol or no petrol that will always be the case.


Battery powered lawnmower - Cobra

Making your garden more sustainable

Lots of us are making a conscious effort to reduce our environmental impact nowadays. Perhaps trying to be greener was one of your New Year’s resolutions? We’re all becoming more aware of the effects of our consumption and we’re trying to make better choices – you might have heard it being referred to as the ‘Attenborough effect’.

From using metal straws and reusable coffee cups, to flying less and buying less – there are lots of ways that you can make small changes to your lifestyle. Small differences can add up to have a big impact if enough people are part of the change.

Have you considered that your own garden is somewhere that you can cultivate a positive impact on the environment too? Use your green space to its full potential and you’ll be making the environment greener too. Some of the changes you can implement will even contribute to the environment far beyond your garden fence.

Here are a few simple switches you can make this spring to do something positive for the planet.

1. Switch your mower from petrol to battery powered. There are lots of greener options available when it comes to powering up your garden tools. Choosing battery-powered machines means you can leave petrol behind. We have an award-winning range of cordless Lithium-ion battery powered mowers, featuring single-lever height adjustment and mulching functions. We also provide battery-powered hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and grass trimmers.

Whatever tools you’re using in your garden, make sure you check carefully for nesting birds and other wildlife before using them.

2. If you have a larger garden or lots of trees that you cut regularly, invest in a chipper or shredder. Using one of these means that nothing goes to waste and your garden will benefit from the nutrients that your chippings will provide, meaning healthier, happier plants. Check out our Quiet Shredder, or our powerful Wood Chipper, depending on what vegetation you’ll be using in it.

3. Bee conscious of the mix of plants and flowers you choose for your garden. Sadly, the countryside in the UK doesn’t supply bees with the biodiversity they need. Bees need all the help they can get, so mix up your flowerbeds and get some variety in your borders.

Wildflowers are a bee favourite and there are plenty of wildflower ‘seed bombs’ on the market, full of mixed wildflower seeds to help you achieve that country meadow look. Bees also love fruit and vegetables – yet another reason to grow your own!

Another way you can help the bees, is to leave your lawn a little longer – it provides a place for pollinators to shelter and feed. Just lift your mower cutting blade a little. It’s easy with our mowers, which feature a simple ‘Height of Cut’ adjustment system.

4. Compost. It’s the best way to fertilise your garden, it’s cheap and easy to make, and it’s good for the planet. Making your own compost means it won’t contain any of the chemical compounds found in shop-bought compost, it will be peat-free and naturally organic. If you have a shredder or chipper, you can add the chippings into your compost bin along with your food waste to bulk it out.

5. Fertilise your lawn for free as you cut the grass with a mulching lawnmower. These mowers shred the cuttings finely and discharge them back onto the lawn. You can’t see the fine cuttings, and it will do wonders for your grass, organically fertilising it and eliminating any waste. And it requires no extra effort from you!

6. Save water where you can. Water is a precious resource, and one that often becomes scarce over a hot, dry spell. Save your rainwater by installing a water butt under a drainpipe and use it to water your plants. Rainwater is generally better for your plants than tap water and it’s a sustainable way to keep your lawn, pots and flowerbeds watered.

Get the Attenborough effect going in your garden this year – it’s easy to make your garden more sustainable. You’ll feel good knowing that you’re helping bees and wildlife and you’ll be contributing to a wider positive environmental movement too.

T3 Awards Winner 2019!

T3 have been given the Cobra MX3440V 1st place for best lawnmower of the year in 2019.

Effortlessly glide across your lawn with this cordless battery powered mower. Having a cordless lawnmower can increase your safety and save time as you do not have to worry about tangled cords. The fantastic red detailing makes the product extremely eye catching and the black is a fabulous contrast that adds sophistication. -you might even get your neighbours wanting to cut your grass for you!

The mower is powered by a 40v Li-ion Battery that makes for a mighty yet quiet grass cutting experience, perfect for those early Sunday mornings!  As it is battery powered, it is ideal for modern British gardens, it would comfortably run long enough for small- medium sized areas of grass.


–          Cutting Height: 25-75mm

–          Average Run Time: 40 minutes

–          Power: 40v

–          Grass Collector: 35L

–          Deck Size: 34cm


Grab yours now while you can, for just under £200!

Spring trim the lawn with Cobra

As grass grows at temperatures above 5°C, lawn owners are facing the new challenge of extended growing periods throughout the year.

Mowing during colder temperatures may be a daunting prospect, but it is likely to continue as the seasons slowly change. Being better prepared now, and giving the lawn a well-needed trim, is crucial to attaining a perfect and luscious lawn for the summer.

Compact, stylish and powerful, the new Cobra MX3440V walk-behind mower, is ideal for any typical UK garden. With its high-performance 34cm rotary cutting system and 40v lithium-ion Samsung powered battery technology, this mower makes mowing truly effortless. Cutting as low as 25mm, for a manicured lawn finish, but equally capable of dealing with longer grass up to 75mm, it is perfect for all garden conditions. The height of cut adjustment makes changing very easy. When mowing is finished, the handles fold conveniently for easy storage.


The new mower – available on and from leading dealers across the UK – is compact, cordless and has been designed from the ground up, incorporating improved performance and distinctive styling to set it apart from others. Cobra has integrated Samsung battery technology into the product to provide enhanced power delivery and, ultimately, easier and faster mowing.

For more information about Cobra, please visit

Showcasing the Mowbot at the Garden Press Event 2019

The end of February saw Cobra attend the annual Garden Press Event in sunny London. The event allows journalists and bloggers the chance to get exclusive previews and demonstrations of new gardening products, and we were delighted to showcase our brand new exciting Mowbot which is one of the first fully customisable robotic lawnmowers in the UK market.


The Mowbot automatic lawnmower is battery powered and will trim your entire lawn quietly and effortlessly. The perfect trimming solution for almost any lawn and developed with convenience in mind, the Mowbot range offers Bluetooth connectivity to make controlling the lawnmower simple and east from your smart phone or tablet.


We also had an amazing pick n mix stand which went down an absolute treat at the show, it was fantastic to see so many familiar faces and make new friends also!


Stay tuned for new update on our products for 2019: