T3 Awards Winner 2019!

T3 have been given the Cobra MX3440V 1st place for best lawnmower of the year in 2019.

Effortlessly glide across your lawn with this cordless battery powered mower. Having a cordless lawnmower can increase your safety and save time as you do not have to worry about tangled cords. The fantastic red detailing makes the product extremely eye catching and the black is a fabulous contrast that adds sophistication. -you might even get your neighbours wanting to cut your grass for you!

The mower is powered by a 40v Li-ion Battery that makes for a mighty yet quiet grass cutting experience, perfect for those early Sunday mornings!  As it is battery powered, it is ideal for modern British gardens, it would comfortably run long enough for small- medium sized areas of grass.


–          Cutting Height: 25-75mm

–          Average Run Time: 40 minutes

–          Power: 40v

–          Grass Collector: 35L

–          Deck Size: 34cm


Grab yours now while you can, for just under £200!


Spring trim the lawn with Cobra

As grass grows at temperatures above 5°C, lawn owners are facing the new challenge of extended growing periods throughout the year.

Mowing during colder temperatures may be a daunting prospect, but it is likely to continue as the seasons slowly change. Being better prepared now, and giving the lawn a well-needed trim, is crucial to attaining a perfect and luscious lawn for the summer.

Compact, stylish and powerful, the new Cobra MX3440V walk-behind mower, is ideal for any typical UK garden. With its high-performance 34cm rotary cutting system and 40v lithium-ion Samsung powered battery technology, this mower makes mowing truly effortless. Cutting as low as 25mm, for a manicured lawn finish, but equally capable of dealing with longer grass up to 75mm, it is perfect for all garden conditions. The height of cut adjustment makes changing very easy. When mowing is finished, the handles fold conveniently for easy storage.


The new mower – available on www.cobragarden.co.uk and from leading dealers across the UK – is compact, cordless and has been designed from the ground up, incorporating improved performance and distinctive styling to set it apart from others. Cobra has integrated Samsung battery technology into the product to provide enhanced power delivery and, ultimately, easier and faster mowing.

For more information about Cobra, please visit www.cobragarden.co.uk

Showcasing the Mowbot at the Garden Press Event 2019

The end of February saw Cobra attend the annual Garden Press Event in sunny London. The event allows journalists and bloggers the chance to get exclusive previews and demonstrations of new gardening products, and we were delighted to showcase our brand new exciting Mowbot which is one of the first fully customisable robotic lawnmowers in the UK market.


The Mowbot automatic lawnmower is battery powered and will trim your entire lawn quietly and effortlessly. The perfect trimming solution for almost any lawn and developed with convenience in mind, the Mowbot range offers Bluetooth connectivity to make controlling the lawnmower simple and east from your smart phone or tablet.


We also had an amazing pick n mix stand which went down an absolute treat at the show, it was fantastic to see so many familiar faces and make new friends also!


Stay tuned for new update on our products for 2019: www.cobragarden.co.uk

The first mow

It’s a little early in most parts of the country to be getting stuck into the lawn with spring renovation but you may well need to mow the grass.


Mowing the lawn in the right conditions, at the right height and frequency are always important but the first few cuts are even more important because the grass is not yet growing steadily so the potential for damage is greater.

First check the mower. It needs to be running efficiently with clean sharp blades; if not get it sorted now before the grass grows rapidly and the mower centre services are too busy to help!

Now, put it on the highest setting and check the lawn. It’s likely to be driest on a windy afternoon so that’s your target. Mow slower than normal, it may be slightly bumpy from frost and worm casts but that will soon settle or get the roller out. Be careful with turns as this is where most damage occurs. Once done give the mower a good clean and let it dry.

Make sure your Cobra mower is registered to cover your warranty and we will keep you up to date on product information and offers.

To view Cobra’s lawnmower range click here.

Gardening jobs for the month

December is a quiet time in the garden, many of the plants are waiting for the first warmth of spring to emerge. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of jobs that you can be getting on with, particularly preparing for spring 2019.

If you haven’t already, you should be protecting your plants through December and January from the cold snaps. Move any potted plants to a sheltered area, such as a greenhouse or conservatory. Alternatively, group potted plants together close to a wall of your house, garage or shed, this way they will be less exposed to strong winds and the colder weather. bv6524v-angle-2-1

It is a good idea to clear fallen leaves from driveways and pathways using a leaf blower. Cobra’s BV65-24v Cordless Blower is the perfect tool for the job; lightweight, compact and powerful. Once it rains, leaves that have fallen on the ground quickly begin to rot and become slippery. If left, a winter frost will make them stick to the ground, turn hard and icy. The Cordless Blower by Cobra allows you to quickly and easily clear your garden of leaves, making it safer and looking much tidier!

Now is the besp20e-pole-prunert time to prune fruit trees, as the leaves will have fallen off and the plant itself is dormant. If you have neglected to prune your trees for a while don’t despair, it can be made simply with Cobra’s P20E Electric Powered Pole Pruner – designed specifically to reach awkward heights and angles to prune effectively. With an extendable bar than can reach up to 2.7 metres, you can prune longer branches with ease.

Start by removing dying, dead, diseased, damaged or weak branches. Remove older branches by cutting back to the origin, and don’t be afraid to cut any branches back that have grown too high, too wide or are causing congestion at the centre of the tree.

Cobra’s Pole Pruner is also ideal for cutting firewood! At this time of year, who is going to say no to a cosy, log-burning fire?

Gardening for All Seasons

The lawn might have stopped growing at this time of year, but there are still plenty of tasks you can do in the garden. We do have the UK’s largest selection of lawnmowers available, but did you know we also have lots of tools for autumn and winter jobs too?

Wood-burning fireplaces are once again in vogue, and what better way to prepare for the cold winter than by cutting your own firewood?

Our range of chainsaws will make short work of cutting through large tree branches and the Cordless Chainsaw will run for up to 50 minutes on a 90 minute charge.


Autumn is a good time to have a clear out of beds and borders if they have been allowed to grow out of hand for some time. Our Quiet Shredder is great for shredding garden waste up to 40mm in diameter, and comes with a practical plunger for increased throughput on heavier loads. Naturally, we think it’s great but don’t just take our word for it. Kitchen Garden magazine recently recognised it as their Best Buy too!  http://www.kitchengarden.co.uk/-Kitchen-Garden-Best-Buy-and-Top-Picks-45f2ZKC


Likewise, you can prune any trees that have become unruly. To cut branches that are normally out of reach, the Pole Pruner can extend to up to 2.7 metres, so you can tame overgrown trees or collect extra firewood before winter sets in.


Alternatively, the Cobra log splitter is designed exactly for this task. The LS520H, with its 1500w powerful motor and 5.5 tonnes of splitting force, can split logs up to 25cm in diameter in to four with just one stroke. We even has an extensive range of carts and trailers too, to help you transport the logs once cut!

Finally, to give your garden an instant neat and tidy look, clear up fallen autumn leaves from the lawn, driveway or patio. Our Electric and Petrol Blower Vacs collect nuisance leaves in a handy collection bag for easy disposal.

BV6524Vbv26c cropped

To view all of Cobra Garden’s product, visit www.cobragarden.co.uk

And the UK’s Best Garden belongs to…

Earlier this year we launched the Gardeners’ Garden Competition with Garden Answers magazine, to find the best garden in the country. We were blown away by the quality and sheer number of entries we received, and now we are pleased to announce the winner and runners up for 2018…

The winning garden is located in Knaphill and is lovingly tended by husband and wife team, Barry and Pamela Gray.

The couple were visited by judges in July who were instantly in awe of the garden. The panel included gardening writer and broadcaster, Martin Fish; editor of Garden Answers, Liz Potter; Liz Chaloner from Cobra; and George Plumptre, chief executive of the National Garden Scheme (the NGS).

The judges were taken aback by the dedication and perfection in the garden, and commented there wasn’t a dead head or struggling plant in sight, despite the heat wave! One of the most visually impressive features of the Gray’s garden is in the front of their house where their array of bedding plants and fuchsias are a spectacle for passers-by, which the judges described as “a real piece of theatre.”

The house was previously council owned to provide accommodation for hospital workers, and the Grays have completely transformed it from a square of lawn with two apple trees to an immaculate and well planned garden with lots of different areas and “rooms”.

Discussing the competition, Liz Potter, editor of Garden Answers who ran the competition, commented: “The standard of entries was really high, so getting through to the shortlist for judging was a real achievement. We were looking for a garden that combined exciting planting with good design ideas, a fusion of gardening skill with plant knowledge and a sense of style. Pamela’s garden really caught our eye with its colourful bedding display in the front, and the back garden was immaculate – lots of exciting plant combinations, thematic borders and clever use of a modest space, offering surprise and delight at every turn.”

Pam (8)

Gardeners’ Garden Competition winner Pamela Gray!

In response to the news, Pamela said: “We really love our garden and when others enjoy it too we are chuffed to bits! Winning the competition is absolutely amazing and we will certainly enjoy our prize”.

The win sees Pamela and Barry receive £1000 to spend on equipment from the Cobra range. We have the UK’s largest range of powered equipment, with new products being added every month, so they certainly had a lot to choose from!

In second place was Sarah Rayner’s garden in Mount Bures. With her £500 prize, she opted to splash out on a new lithium-ion battery powered hedgetrimmer and chainsaw, as well as a blower/vac to help keep the garden tidy!

Sarah Rayner (1)

Sarah Rayner was awarded second place in our Gardeners’ Garden Competition with Garden Answers magazine

Sarah commented: “When I received the email to inform me that I’d been shortlisted I was absolutely thrilled to bits. Keeping everything alive until the judges visited was a quite a challenge for all of the finalists during the hot summer! I was overjoyed to come in second place. As gardening is one of my passions you might be forgiven for thinking that there wasn’t anything I needed in the way of extra tools but you’d be wrong! It was Christmas come early and I was like a child flicking through the Cobra catalogue with a whopping £500 to spend!”

Third place was awarded to Mary Hayter in Brockenhurst, who for the past thirteen years has opened up her garden to the public under the National Garden Scheme, raising a staggering £35,000 for the charity in the process.

Mary received £250 to spend on Cobra products and commented “I am thrilled to have done so well, given the difficult growing conditions this year and with the judging coming at the time when the garden was desperate for rain. The Cobra tools will help tremendously with the maintenance and it’s exciting to be rewarded with such great products.”

For more information about the competition, visit https://www.gardenanswersmagazine.co.uk/